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Project Management

Your guide to project management and how it can help your business


Reasons why project management can help your small business

With so many things to think about for small business owners, project management might seem like just another one to add to the ever-growing list. However, treating certain tasks within your business as projects and managing them properly could bring your business lots of benefits you might not have thought about.

Many small business owners think project management’s only important to larger companies. However, project management is crucial for any organisation that values achieving its goals on time and on budget.

So, what is project management?

In basic terms, it’s finishing a pre-defined task or objective by a pre-defined deadline. Usually there’s a person or team involved in achieving the task on time and they’ll usually have a budget to stick to. It sounds simple when put like that and you’re probably already doing it without calling it project management.

So, maybe now’s the time to start calling these tasks project management and taking advantage of some of the extra benefits this could bring. But where should you start?

Better budgeting

We mentioned budgeting earlier. It’s a key part of any project, especially for smaller business where things are tighter, so managing it as part of the project can help you stay in control.

Smarter scheduling

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Time is money and money is time, so manage one properly and you’ll manage the other one properly too.

Improved accountability

Having properly defined roles makes accountability much easier. This can help make things run more smoothly and tasks get completed on time. It also stops people blaming each other if things go wrong, as they do from time to time.

Proper insight

One of the most valuable benefits of project management is knowing what needs to happen after the project. This is much easier with full documentation and an understanding of the data and insights. You can also learn for future projects by analysing what went well and not so well.

Improved success

All of these factors can increase your chances of a successful project, which is the outcome everyone desires. You can carefully review the project once it’s finished. Assess the project manager’s performance and look at how the business dealt with obstacles and challenges.

What can I do to help my project management?

The first thing to do is start thinking about what could be considered a project that needs managing in your business. Clearly, some things don’t need to be approached as a project, but once you’ve established which these are, you can then assign the right project manager and/or team for them.

Planning is also crucial once you have the project and people in place. The more planning and preparation you can do in advance, the better your projects will be.


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