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What to look for in a meeting space

What to look for in a meeting space

What to look for in a meeting space…

Not sure what to you need to look for in a meeting space? You might be looking to get your staff back together, say hello to new clients, or want to run a training session, so what do you need to know about before booking a meeting space? Here are our top tips to help you find the right space for your needs.


  1. Size is important

Is the space big enough for you to fit everyone in comfortably? Are there enough chairs or desks if need be? If you’re unsure exactly how much space you’ll need, always go for something bigger rather than somewhere that’ll be cramped and uncomfortable for everyone.


  1. Heating and ventilation

These are both vital to keep people warm or cool enough during your meeting. Too hot and people will be distracted, and you’ll struggle to hear yourself over the chattering of teeth if it’s freezing in the room. If there are windows, check if you can open them or if you know how to operate any blinds they might have.


  1. Tech to help you present

A big screen always comes in handy for a PowerPoint presentation or two. And don’t forget phone conferencing equipment, flip charts, and anything else you and the others in the room might need. A good tip is also to make sure you know where the plug sockets are in the meeting room too, as you might need to plug your laptop and possibly a projector in.


  1. Test everything, including the wi-fi

It’s always a good idea to give everything a quick try before you use it for real on the day. Check you understand how to use any equipment in the room, that you can connect to the wi-fi okay, and that you’ve got everything you need with you.

  1. Separate break out facilities

If your meeting is more than an hour or so, you’ll all need to take a break. Having somewhere separate to grab a coffee and/or a bite to eat is a must to keep people focused and hanging on your every word.


  1. Location, location, location

Where you hold your meeting is important too. Make sure it’s somewhere with good parking and transport links that’s easy to find. Ideally, your meeting space should be no more than 15 minutes walking distance from the nearest station, and not too far from a bus stop if possible.


  1. Cost

It goes without saying that finding a meeting space that’s good value for money is vital. Look at what you get for your money and what’s included in your price. Ask for a tour beforehand too, so you can see exactly what you like – and don’t like – about individual venues.


  1. Security

How secure is your venue? Will strangers be able to wander in unannounced? Choose a meeting space with security features like keypad or card access to stop unexpected visitors barging in. Some meeting spaces have staffed reception areas too, which can make things more secure.


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