Time for a new office?

Time for a new office?
Now you’ve settled into the new year, and have (hopefully) stuck to your resolutions so far, now might also be a good time to start thinking about a new office?

Doing this could link to some of the other pledges and decisions you might have already made. It might simply be a case of looking for somewhere new, doing it for financial or convenience reasons. Or, maybe you have considered finding a new office with improved facilities or because suppliers or customers are also located there?

A change is as good as a rest
Okay, this old proverb might mean literally changing your job is as good as rest, but it can equally be applied to a change of where you work too. Having different surroundings can give you a new perspective, help you meet more people, and even change your daily work routine. These will all have a positive impact on your mind and body.

Facilities bundled together
Not all office spaces have everything onsite you need, like communal kitchens, a café, large breakout areas, and meeting rooms, plus a manned reception area and ample parking for your staff and guests, so it’s great when you find them all included as standard in your lease or rental agreement.

Flexibility when you need it
Clearly, not everyone needs an office full-time or wants to use all the facilities all the time. If you’ve just started your business or would like a bit of flexibility around when you come into the office, a co-working space could be what you need. Work in the office as often or as little as you like and take advantage of all the extra services everyone else working here can. That’s the great thing about flexibility – you can make it work for you.

Close to home
A long journey to work isn’t something anyone looks forward to (especially on those Monday mornings), so why not look for an office that’s closer to home, or easy to get to? That doesn’t mean it has to be within walking distance, but close to a motorway junction, train station, or bus stop is ideal. Less time travelling to and from work means you’ve got more time for yourself to spend with your family, practice your hobbies, or simply doing whatever you like. And what’s not to like about that?

So, could now be the time for a new office?

St James Business Centre is an 80,000 sq. ft. building offering serviced, conventional, and virtual office space to rent in Warrington town centre, close to train stations and with extensive on-site parking. We also offer co-working space for anyone needing flexible working without the demands of permanent office space.

Our meeting and conferencing facilities, plus spacious internal courtyards in Warrington means your business has access to everything it needs under one roof. Contact us for more information.