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The ultimate guide to different types of office space

The ultimate guide to different types of office space

Discover the benefits of office, co-working, and virtual office space. Read on to find out more about what the difference is between each one, how you can benefit from our space and ultimately which workspace is right for you, your team and ultimately, the success of your business.

Running a business can have its challenges and we know that choosing the perfect workspace can be time consuming and can only add to those challenges especially when you’re not quite sure if you are ready for office space or you just require co-working space from time to time.

Whatever your needs, St James Business Centre is here to help. Here is the ultimate guide to different types of office space here at St James.

Office Space

Office space keeps your employees productive, encourages collaboration, boosts employee morale, and manifests your company culture. Our office space is rented space to suit your needs meaning you can have the perfect space to grow your business.

Flexibility is one of St James Business Centre’s biggest strengths and our varying sizes of office space are designed to ensure your business can grow.

Our office space offers a space for you to collaborate with your team and work on those business goals together.

It provides you with a space to advertise just how great your company culture is and keep an eye on your team’s well-being ensuring that your business is on its way to success.

Having everyone under one roof also makes it easier to manage the team as a whole. Here at St James Business Centre, we also have everything under one roof, helping your business achieve the very best.

We have high-speed internet available onsite and access to high-quality meeting rooms at a discounted rate.

With an array of communal kitchen areas, large break-out spaces, and an on-site café it doesn’t get better than our conventional and serviced office spaces.

If you are looking for flexible and/or secured office space in Warrington, then St James Business Centre is the perfect place for you. Click here to enquire.

Co-Working Space

Whether you are a start-up or established business, looking to work individually or collaboratively, sometimes you don’t need an entire office.

A co-working space is a shared workspace available for general use by individuals and organisations.

It is a workspace historically used by freelancers and start-ups, helping them to be independent but with the community feel, and structure of working with others, allowing them to network with like-minded business and gain different insights into their business.

Our co-working space in Warrington offers maximum flexibility for any business type. Meet like-minded business people, discover new opportunities and save on office space costs here at St James Business Centre.

Whilst using our co-working spaces you can benefit from our on-site café, extensive on-site parking, professional meet and greet service, free Wi-Fi and use of our large breakout spaces.

Interested in our Co-Working Space? Click here to enquire.

Virtual Office Space

A virtual office is an alternative to having an office space providing businesses with a combination of services.

We know how it is. You need to create the right first impression for your business.

A virtual office gives you a professional address with mail handling that lets you professionally represent your business.

Purchasing a virtual office space allows your business to call St James Business Centre its home without the overheads of running an office.

Our virtual office package provides you with a professional business address, mail collection and forwarding as well as use of our high-quality meeting rooms at a discounted rate.

At St James Business Centre we understand that setting up a business can be costly, but why let your company’s professional image suffer because of it?

Click here to enquire for virtual office space today.

Still unsure which one is right for you?


Here are 4 things to consider:


  1. Productivity

    Most people tend to be more productive in the office, there are fewer distractions such as noise and constant movement.

    This means workers can spend more time focusing on their work tasks. The removal of distractions heightens concentration levels and can encourage a productive team.

    On the other hand, co-working space is good for productivity because co-working is specifically intended to accommodate the needs of independent and hybrid workers.

    This includes areas for concentrated work, for virtual and face-to-face meetings and regular networking opportunities with other business within the building

  2. Networking

    A co-working space is great for networking as popular spaces build a network of like-minded workers.

    This means co-working spaces are a great opportunity to meet new business contacts, share advice with other entrepreneurs and connect with people who have complementary skills.

    In your office, hosting events is easier since no permission or extra payment for space is needed.

    When considering what spaces work for you it is important to note that co-working networking is much more natural, however,  can take a long time to form.

  3. Flexibility

    All of our spaces here at St James Business Centre boast flexibility. Brilliant for business growth. Our working environment provides you with the ultimate freedom for starting-up or expanding your business. Whatever you need. We are here to help.

  4. Control

    How much control would you like over your workspace. Offices provide you with a home away form home.

    Personalise your space to fit your business and enhance your team’s productivity. Build your brand and let the people know just who you are the minute they step through your door.


There are clear benefits to having office, co-working and virtual office space but ultimately only you can decide which one is right for your business. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Just email:

Or feel free to contact us via social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Want to know more about St James Business Centre, Warrington?

St James Business Centre is an 80,000 sq. ft. building offering serviced offices, conventional offices, and virtual office space to rent in Warrington town centre, we are close to train stations and offer extensive on-site parking. We also offer co-working space for anyone needing flexible working without the demands of permanent office space.

Our meeting and conferencing facilitieson-site café and spacious internal courtyards means your business has access to everything it needs under one roof.

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