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The future of the workplace

The future of the workplace

The future of the workplace

Covid-19 has really shaken up the way we do things in almost every aspect of our lives. And one of the areas where things have changed the most is work. So, as we start to slowly ease our way of the pandemic, and return to workplaces, what will the future hold?


Hybrid is here to stay

Of course, none of us can see into the future, but one thing that’s likely to be a feature of the workplace is hybrid working. This means fewer people all in the office at the same time, with most people working a mixture of being in the office and remotely. That might be on a rota basis or with employees choosing what day – or days – to come into the office and larger get togethers for team meetings or to brainstorm projects, for example.


Collaboration and community

Working from home can be an isolating experience and many workers will want to feel like a part of something when they return to their workplace. They see coming into a workplace as a chance to work together and share ideas with others. Equally, a shared sense of belonging will be important to employees too, as the often-solitary experience of remote working will have heightened the need for a work community and being with other people.


‘We’ not ‘me’

The pre-Covid attitude of having your own personal desk and space will be a thing of the past. Hot-desking or sharing your workspace with other people when you’re working remotely will be the norm. Individual work areas might be bigger – you’ll have more space, but just don’t think of it as yours. And, as we said earlier, the focus will be on collaboration and team working, so thinking as a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’ will be important.


Your workplace might no longer be on your doorstep

Many businesses have cut the amount of physical office buildings they own or lease, especially smaller satellite offices, and are only keeping larger ‘hubs’ or something similar. Consequently, some staff might now have to travel further to their nearest hub than previously and will have to adjust their travel plans on days they come into the office.


Video conferencing has replaced business travel

Travel between sites or to customers and suppliers’ premises for meetings are either a necessary measure or a treat to look forward to, depending on your point of view. However, with the reliance on video conferencing and calls being so vital in lockdown, remote meetings are probably here to stay. There may well be some business travel, but its frequency will definitely drop.


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