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Occupier Spotlight – Standing Space

Meet Jessica Murison, Director at Standing Space

Standing Space Limited was established in 2015.

The business was formed off the back of  their  love of design inside and out. The team at Standing Space love solving problems & creating spaces that have an impact.

To achieve a “home” which works for all of the occupiers, and to witness the joy in seeing a project completed, are their motivations.

Jess - Standing Space

Where is standing space today?

After 8 years in business, we have established a reputation for quality design by exceeding our client’s expectations in every project we undertake.

Since first starting the business, we have grown our client base, which has increased our opportunities to work on a range of projects such as offices, coffee shops, retail spaces and more.

Tell us a little about your business.

Standing Space Limited is an Interior Design and Architectural practice.

We specialise in the interiors marketplace. So, what do we do?

Well, we have huge experience in the commercial office field, refurbishment, and fit-out of Offices.

We also do retail, education, healthcare and industrial projects.

We are a small team of 3-4 and pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce, being able to turn things around quickly for our clients and retaining original contact through projects.

When did you start working in design?

I started working in design after graduating from Cardiff in 1995.

Back then we were in a recession and so getting a job as a new graduate wasn’t easy.

During challenging economic times, I have had to adopt various roles to continue working.

In addition to being an interior designer I have been a project manager delivering schemes and an architectural technician detailing architectural schemes as part of a project team.

All these skills are hugely beneficial to my job today.

What inspired you to start Standing Space?

I have always been hugely proud and inspired by my Dad and the businesses he created and ran. So, it was an idea that I had carried around for many years. The time just seemed right to give it a go and so Standing Space was formed.

What are your business’s core principles?

Our core principles shape our company culture, decision-making, and brand identity.

With a client-centric approach, we tailor design services to exceed expectations by understanding needs and objectives.

Quality craftsmanship defines us, showcasing attention, creativity, and functionality.

Collaboration and transparent communication are key.

Building meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers fosters trust.

Our passionate dedication drives excellence in every project, creating spaces that elevate experiences and leave lasting impressions.

Why did you choose St James Business Centre as your base and what do you like most about it?

Living in South Warrington we wanted to find premises that was on the same side of town so we didn’t have to battle traffic to get across town.

I didn’t realise how big St James Business Centre was, I had only noticed it from passing along Wilderspool Causeway.

We love the community feel at St James Business Centre, the managed reception area manned by Bev, the Langtree building management team and of course, the great parking as we have many visitors.

We are very happy at St James Business Centre.

Do you have any tips on how to improve mental wellbeing in the office using design?

We believe thoughtful design significantly boosts employee satisfaction, productivity, and happiness. Incorporating natural light and outdoor views reduces stress. Biophilic elements like plants bring calm. Flexible, comfortable workspaces with ergonomic furniture support improved wellbeing. Dedicated relaxation spaces manage stress effectively.

We also like to incorporate spaces that are dedicated to relaxation or mindfulness activities that can really help to manage stress levels.

What are some of your most recent projects?

Pretty Little Thing Headquarters

Standing Space, Pretty Little Thing Office Fit Out

Pretty Little Thing was midway through a first-floor extension at Wellington Mill to create agile space on the ground floor.

They contacted Standing Space for design alignment with their brand. Standing Space delivered striking interior design proposals following 3D concept approval.

Detailed drawings and specifications were prepared. The unique, vibrant pink workplace stands out remarkably. Check the case study pictures for proof.

196 Deansgate Manchester

Standing Space 196 Deansgate project

Standing Space was appointed by Commercial Estates Group Limited (CEG) to design a show suite at 196 Deansgate, Manchester. We decided early on to embrace all of the building’s beautiful heritage features, which included metal riveted steel columns, exposed brickwork, safe doors, sash windows & fireplaces.

The floor was divided into a variety of different types of work areas, desking, team spaces, quiet zones, and soft seating. Alongside the work areas, we designed and created a suite of meeting rooms and a very special ‘workspitality’, (hospitality at work) breakout space, which overlooks Deansgate creating a restaurant feel within the office.

Oh yes, it is a commercial interiors showstopper!


Standing Space Vestas Project

Following a successful project for Vestas in Warrington we were approached we were approached to fit out their new Edinburgh office for their team.

This project was a great example of creating a workplace interior that connected to the business brand. We enhanced the brand colours by using softer tones and wood textures alongside the corporate colour palette.

This corporate interiors project re-used the cellular spaces already in place, adapting them to suit the agreed layout, and adding new manifestation to glazing partitioning.

A breakout room was constructed, and we coordinated new office furniture supply and installation, including bespoke pieces for a standout desig

How do you achieve a work life balance?

Balancing work and life as a business owner is tough, yet feasible with conscious effort and effective strategies. I set boundaries, prevent work from encroaching on personal time, and initiated a wellness scheme that grants alternate Fridays off. This successful initiative provides the team and me a relaxing day for personal activities.

What is next for Standing Space?

Looking ahead, we aim to excel in client work and expand our project portfolio. Our focus includes fostering employee growth through skill development, learning, and empowerment for greater challenges. As a small design practice, we aspire to cultivate a skilled team contributing to the future of design.

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