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How to run effective and successful meetings

How to run effective and successful meetings

Effective team meetings and meetings with clients are really important as this is your time to solidify your position in your business and show your team and its clients exactly why your business is the best place to be but where do you start? How can you run an effective and successful meeting?

In this blog we will discuss why meetings are so important and how you can run yours most effectively.

Why are meetings important?

Meetings are crucial for communication across various organisational segments. Teams, despite diverse viewpoints, collaborate towards shared goals. Regular meetings foster communication, idea exchange, and collaboration, key elements for success regardless of team roles


What are the 4 p’s of effective meetings?



Why are you meeting? What is the purpose? Are you meeting for a general catch-up with your team to see if they need any support or are you checking in on the progress your team is making towards completing its goals?


Where are you meeting? How long for?

The environment that you and your participants are in can directly affect your performance and the tone of your meeting.

Running an in-person meeting with your clients or your team in a bright and modern space will enhance the natural performance of your team and in turn breed more creative ideas.

For quick team meetings try using co-working space, an open and relaxed environment made for collaboration.

For more private and professional meetings opt for a meeting room or a boardroom. These are completely private and professional spaces built to impress your clients.

Lucky for you we have the perfect spaces available to hire, you can hire one of our professional meeting rooms here.


Have an agenda. A meeting agenda readies participants by outlining the purpose and discussion points, aiding goal achievement through defined objectives and time frames.


Engage with your participants through regular intervals, ask questions to keep people engaged with what is going on.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone have anything to add?

Not questions to intentionally catch your team out but questions to make people feel like you want them to be involved and are interested in listening to their opinion.

Sometimes people can feel a little overwhelmed and actively engaging with the introverts of the session can ensure that they are part of the team instead of feeling like a spare part.


Don’t forget to follow-up with your team after the meeting itself. After you’ve run your meeting, you might want to deliver a follow-up email if what has been discussed and what those discussion points will affect.

We hope we have helped you with some tips on how to run effective meetings.

Team meetings are an important and crucial part of building your team and achieving your business objectives.

When done well, meetings can help improve overall performance of the team and the productivity of individual team members.

St James Business Centre can help you run effective meetings and get the most out of your meeting space.

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