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A day in the life at St James Business Centre, Warrington


Follow us and experience a day in the life at St James Business Centre, Warrington

The weather was nice today, which is a pleasant change for Warrington, so I decided to walk to the office as it’s only 20-minutes from my house, and my little girl loves riding her bike to nursery.

It’s handy having a nursery enroute to the office as it makes drop-offs and pick-ups much easier.

I sometimes take the car or catch the bus, but when it’s dry and sunny, I like to walk or cycle, so I can get fitter and do my bit for the environment.

Some colleagues like to get the train to Warrington Central or Bank Quay and then walk, as they’re both only 10-minutes away from the head office here at St James.

A good morning hello

After my usual quick hello and wave to the friendly reception staff, I pop into the onsite café (which is super useful) to grab a takeaway Costa coffee.

Is it a bacon sandwich day too? I’ll let you decide that one. Now, it’s off to the office to join the rest of my team.

The Office

The office we have today is slightly different to the one we had when we first moved in. There were only a few of us then, so we didn’t need many desks.

However, since being at St James Business Centre we’ve grown substantially and the office has, of course, grown with us.

As we grew, we decided to switch to a serviced agreement as everything’s done for us.

The conventional option was perfect when we used it too, and it was really straightforward to change over when we needed to.

The building team were really helpful and made sure we had everything covered, so we got exactly what we need from both the building and overall offering.

Our office is on the first floor of the building and is a lovely light and airy space.

Time to get to work

Once I’m at my desk, the first job of the day is usually to check my emails and calendar, review Google alerts, or monitoring reports around keywords and company PR, and any current campaign efforts.

I flag some for sharing on the company social media accounts and pass on any relevant links. Can you guess which department i work in?

Office Perks

Another nice perk of St James is the speed of the wi-fi, we have a managed provision through St James that we utilise and it never lets me down.

I can download documents clients have sent to us easily and send invoices and presentations to them as quickly and securely as you’d expect.

Mid-Morning Adventures

Mid-morning, I need to get everyone together for a team briefing, where I run them through the plans for the week, go over KPIs and next steps to make sure we’re all on track.

We use the on-site meeting and conference rooms for meetings as they come with screens and projectors and we can use the conference phone too, so anyone working from home doesn’t miss out.

With the mid-morning team briefing out of the way, it’s time for another cuppa. I head to the communal kitchen, where I also sneak a quick snack from the fridge.

Then I get my head down for the next few hours working before lunch, going through strategy plans, presentations, and 1-1s with the team.

Talking of lunch, we’re lucky to be able to use the on-site café, rustle something up in the kitchen, or opt for one of the nearby restaurants when hunger strikes. It’s great being situated right by the centre of Warrington, because it’s only a 15-minute walk to the Warrington Food Market with its wide selection of places to eat.


Once I’ve had my daily lunchtime walk (usually to grab some food), it’s time for a meeting with one of the other tenants.

It’s fantastic having connections with, and access to, an array of like-minded people under the same roof as yourself.

We normally do these meetings in one of the breakout spaces as they’re bright, airy, and informal, so they always make me feel more relaxed and creative.

Energised by my meeting, I attack my afternoon’s work with gusto until I get a message from reception telling me I have a package – the team are brill for signing for packages when we’re in meetings.

This also reminds me to take my own package to be delivered to a client down to reception as I pick the one waiting for me up.


As home time looms, I think how lucky I am to have this as my place of work. I can just log off, pack my stuff up, and go home.

When I come in tomorrow, I know the same familiar routine will start again, and I can have another productive day, but it is important to switch up the routine once in awhile to keep me on my toes.


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